War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells – Singularis Edition – Pre-order

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Expected Publication 2023

The Singularis edition is limited to 15 copies (and four undistributed copies) hand signed by Eren Topçu , the artist, on a specially designed signature page. Each book contains an additional  illustration unique to the individual book. This edition features 22 colour illustrations and is accompanied by a portfolio of 16 fine art prints. Five illustrations from the book, five specially commissioned for the portfolios, five pieces of concept art and a print of the unique Singularis illustration found inside the book. The end papers are printed with early concept art. The Singularis edition includes a foreword by Professor Simon James and additional supporting material:

  1. The Crystal Egg – A short story by H.G. Wells
  2. Of a Book Unwritten – A short essay by H.G. Wells
  3. A Strange Light on Mars – An 1894 article from Nature
  4. Intelligence on Mars – An article by H.G. Wells
  5. The Things That live on Mars – An article by H.G. Wells from Cosmopolitan Magazine

This edition is printed letterpress on Mohawk Superfine paper by Hand & Eye, London, and is hand-bound by Temple Bookbinders of Oxford, in full red leather with a gold leaf Martian design on the cover. The illustrations are printed offset on Munken Polar Smooth paper by Henry Ling.  The end papers are printed with early concept art on Colorplan Natural paper by Henry Ling. The portfolio illustrations are giclée printed on Platinum Matt White paper by The Ink Pot.  The edition comes in a solander box containing both the book and portfolio.

Purchase of a Singularis Edition confers the rights to all future Singularis publications, with the same Roman numeral, within our Science Fiction collection. For more information go to Our Rights System page.

The Singularis Edition is printed and bound in England.

Disclaimer: images are conceptual or works in progress and may not match those in the final product.